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All in One Pulse Ultra Touchscreen
Extended Use Cash Drawer
Epson T20 printer
UPS Battery Backup
Vx805 Chip Reader

POS Router

Includes both the software and a Caller ID interface box (hardware) needed to deliver incoming call information to the Point of Success order entry program. Available in two, four and eight line versions.  Pricing including box:  2 Line – $299, 4 Line – $499, 8 Line – $799

Note: Point of Success Caller ID is offered for use in the United States, Canada and Australia.

All-in-One Tablets

hardware pricing

The Touch Dynamic Pulse All-In-One

Includes features to expedite workflow processes, including a quick detachable base, 15” LED LCD with Projected Capacitive touch screen, up to 8 GB of RAM and a fanless system for peak performance in harsh conditions. With an Intel Celeron Quad Core J1900 2.0 Ghz processor, the Pulse J1900 comes with Projected Capacitive touchscreen

The Touch Dynamic Breeze All-In-one

Available with a 15″ or 17” touch display, the Performance offers up to 16GB of memory, an Intel chipset, and i7 processor up to 3.4Ghz. Enhanced product features include an 180W power supply, new cable management feature, a 24V printer power port and the ability to be configured with dual RAID rackable hard drives.

The Point of Success Online Ordering module receives your web orders from BigHoller online ordering service. Orders enter your Point of Success system as if they had been entered at the restaurant. No entering data from faxes! 

Caller ID - starting at $249

All in One Touch Terminals

Single Station Hardware Starting at:

Each client is given a customized estimate based on their exact needs and parameters.  Pricing below gives an idea only and is subject to change.

Point of Success Premium 

$49.95/mos/station Subscription

Inventory - $399

Handles vendor ordering, recipes, food usage, cost reporting and more! Helps find and fix food cost and profitability problems like theft, poor portion control, spoilage, waste and under pricing. Supports sub-recipes and production recipes, retrieves product sales information from Point of Success point of sale software, and includes all the reports you need to manage inventory.

Employee Scheduling works inside the Point of Success Office Manager to track employee availability, create work schedules, print schedules and predict labor costs.

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Automatically sends financial data and customer information to Headquarters module. Used in each store location. Remote can be used alone to schedule, produce and email Point of Success reports without the need for a Headquarters module on the receiving end. Imagine receiving up-to-the-minute sales information on your email-equipped mobile phone or through your personal email account whenever you want to see it!

Packed full of everything you need to run your point of sale.  Monthly subscription of $49.95 per station includes add ons of Time Clock, Scheduler, and Table Manager.  Also includes all software upgrades free.  Additional modules can be added for a one-time price below.

Purchase software - $799 for the first computer, $250 for each additional.  All additional modules must be purchased separately.




Works with Point of Success Standard and Point of Success Premium to manage tables from a table map, track your wait list and reservations, and maintain wait list, reservation and table turn statistics.

The Quest Tablet and Premium Dock are an Ideal Ruggedized Tablet POS Solution

Tablet POS is one of the fastest growing trends in retail and hospitality. Proven to increase sales and improve customer service, businesses are racing to adopt mobile POS solutions. Unfortunately, in the rush to implement tablet POS solutions, many businesses are selecting consumer grade tablets that will not stand the wear and tear of tough business environments.

The Quest Tablet is a ruggedized, windows-based tablet designed specifically for point of sale use. Available in both a 7” and 10” sleek LCD, the Quest is retail hardened and can be dropped from up to four feet.

An Intel Quad Core BayTrail-T processor allows for ultra-low power consumption and quick speed. A 6 to 8 hour battery life allows for use during a standard shift, no recharging necessary. 

The Dashboard gives you access to a variety of financial information from your restaurant. Dashboard works with Point of Success restaurant point of sale software and gives you current operational information anywhere at any time. Key people can be out of the restaurant but they’re never out of touch!  Software is free, monthly subscription applies.

*Software Customization & Set Up additional

Mobile Dashboard - $19/mos

Use this product to track employee hours worked. Supports employee clock-in, clock-out, time corrections, and printing of time reports to assist with payroll preparation. Uses existing Point of Success staff files to speed implementation.

Online Ordering - $199