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Use this training to jumpstart a new employee, whether a new cashier, server or in the kitchen.  Click on the icon below for the complete collection.

We have compiled the most frequently asked for and basic training in our video collection.  Most videos are between 2-3 minutes each, tailored for quick learning or as a refresher.  We know your time is valuable and keep our videos concise.

If a video says "Indepth" then it is more detailed and will be longer - some up to twenty minutes.

Want quick access?  Put on icon on your phone or tablet!  Instructions on the resource video here. 

We take care of the technology so you can take of your customers!

We are excited to announce the integration of 86 Borders with the Point of Success Software.  

This delivery driver software tracks your drivers and auto communicates to your customers!!

These are the first training videos we recommend all new managers view.  All the training videos are important, but to jump start the learning, start with these.  

More in-depth videos covering most aspects of the system including working in the system, reports, employees, handling money, adjusting orders.

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